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Welcome to the XPFR production site !
Our team brings together some of the best French-speaking developpers.
We build FREEWARE planes and sceneries for the X-Plane simulator.
A random plane...
benead suggests : category: LIGHT AIRCRAFTS
Potez 25
(Downloads :5046)
Aircraft known for its climbing performances (theoretically 7200 m maximum), five copies of the Potez 25 were ordered by Pierre Georges Latécoère to make the Argentina-Chile link above the Andes. It was used by the company from 1929 to [...]
A random scenery...
Brother suggests : close to Saint-Pierre
LFVP Saint-Pierre et Miquelon
(Downloads :2871)
LFVP, Saint Pierre Pointe Blanche airport, and LFVM, that of Miquelon, are two French islands platforms located in Newfoundland south.
The last "airborne" aircraft...
Beber suggests : category: LIGHT AIRCRAFTS
MS893 A Rallye
(Downloads :312)
Created in the Sixties, it was one of the most popular training aircraft in french clubs, before Robin DR-400, used to learn how to control aircrafts. It was also used largely as towing aircraft for gliders. The "Rallye" was equiped with [...]
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The latest scenery release...
Kvavin suggests : close to Mont de marsan
LFBM Base Aérienne 118 - Mont de Marsan
(Downloads :3354)
LFBM - Mont de Marsan is an Air Base in the south west of France.   The AB 118 is one of the largest national air bases and implements almost all types of devices and equipment that are or will be in service in the French air force. It [...]
Have you ever tried this aircraft?
Beber suggests : category: LIGHT AIRCRAFTS
Robin DR400-140B
(Downloads :926)
This plane is replica of a real DR400-140B HB-KFQ property of the "Groupe Vol à moteur de Sion" (Switzerland), it includes a livery and interior design according to the original model. It is likely that there are differences in appearance [...]
Have you ever landed here?
pierre37 suggests : close to Tours
HNCT Heliport HNCT Tours_Alliance
(Downloads :21)
Second small scene which complements LFOT, this clinic is equipped with a heliport on the terrace. Until the 2000s, there were seven private surgical clinics in Tours. Successive groupings led to the creation of two liberal health centers, [...]
Most downloaded aircraft...
Beber suggests : category: MILITARY JETS
(Downloads :48752)
Dassault Rafale is a French military aircraft conceived by Avions Marcel Dassault-Breguet Aviation (AMD-BA) and produced by Dassault Aviation. This ambitious program has a difficult goal: Harmonizing the French Armies aims standard before [...]
Most downloaded scenery...
XPFR suggests : close to Papeete (Tahiti)
NTAA Iles de la Société
(Downloads :64932)
14 islands and 9 airports. All the Society Islands are detailed with a high quality photorealistic coverage (a great work has been made on the water transparencies of lagoons) : Tahiti (NTAA), Moorea (NTTM), Bora-Bora (NTTB), Huahine [...]

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