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Welcome to the XPFR production site !
Our team brings together some of the best French-speaking developpers.
We build FREEWARE planes and sceneries for the X-Plane simulator.
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A random plane...
Beber suggests :
category: MILITARY JET
(Downloads :7352)
Dassault Rafale is a French military aircraft conceived by Avions Marcel Dassault-Breguet Aviation (AMD-BA) and produced by Dassault Aviation. This ambitious program has a difficult goal: Harmonizing the French Armies aims standard before [...]
A random scenery...
Marco suggests :
close to Douzy
LFSJ Douzy
(Downloads :625)
Near Sedan, airfield Roger Sommer has been recently renovated to accommodate more activities. This airport has four single-engine is framed by two instructeurs.Ce site also includes a track for aeromodelling west -> "CARS club" that awaits [...]
The last "airborne" aircraft...
XPFR suggests :
category: OTHERS
Patrouille de France
(Downloads :10342)
This work is copyrighted ! You are not able to share it or transform it without authorization.    USE:  Jump in the cockpit and follow instructions on the central screen.    AUTHORS:  Complex sliders' architecture technician : AFTER  [...]
The latest scenery release...
Cigaloi30 suggests :
close to Beziers
LFNP LFNX LFIF Pezenas St Affrique Bedarieux
(Downloads :65)
Three scenery at once! For fulfill the Beziers city and Aveyron areas. Good airfields for gliders.  Pezenas airfield is closed in real life, but still open for X-Plane!
Have you ever tried this aircraft?
Lamahelo suggests :
category: AEROBATICS
Stampe SV4C
(Downloads :1300)
The Stampe SV-4 is a biplane drawn for training that was later used for aerobatics. Letters "SV" are shorts for belgian ingeniors Stampe et Vertongen who have drawn the plane
This version is for x-plane 8.60. It is quite the same as the v9 [...]
Have you ever landed here?
Brother suggests :
close to Cologne
EDRV Wershofen
(Downloads :211)
Wershofen in Germany, nearby the famous Nurburgring race circuit, amidst the Eifel hills, a comfortable grass runway mainly used by gliders
Most downloaded aircraft...
Beber suggests :
category: MILITARY JET
AlphaJet type E
(Downloads :19378)
This training and tactical-support twin-jet was designed for a program jointly run by France's and Germany's air forces. Planned to succeed the Fouga Magister and the Lockheed T 33, it was undertaken in cooperation with Breguet corporation [...]
Most downloaded scenery...
XPFR suggests :
close to Papeete (Tahiti)
NTAA Iles de la Société
(Downloads :42918)
14 islands and 9 airports. All the Society Islands are detailed with a high quality photorealistic coverage (a great work has been made on the water transparencies of lagoons) : Tahiti (NTAA), Moorea (NTTM), Bora-Bora (NTTB), Huahine [...]

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