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Our team brings together some of the best French-speaking developpers.
We build FREEWARE planes and sceneries for the X-Plane simulator.
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A random plane...
arno54 suggests :
Ercoupe 415C
(Downloads :8954)
Two_seater monoprop plane designed to be impossible to spin, proposed in 3 versions : - Caddy on wheels, 75hp engine and fixed propeller - Floats seaplane, 85hp engine and automatic variable-pitch propeller - [...]
A random scenery...
Brother suggests :
close to Millau
LFNO Florac Sainte Enimie
(Downloads :875)
Three grass runways far from any village amidst one of the most desertic region of France : the Causse Méjean.Gliders constitute here the main activity.
The last "airborne" aircraft...
XPFR suggests :
category: LINERLINER
Latécoère 28
(Downloads :2772)
The Latécoère 28 (aka Laté 28) is the aircraft from the Latécoère firm which Mermoz used to cross the South Atlantic ocean for the first time on May 12, 1930.  It was made famous by its use in postal links between France and South America [...]
The latest scenery release...
Gaby41 suggests :
LFRT Saint Brieuc Armor
(Downloads :529)
In the north of Britanny, 10 km west of Saint Brieuc city, welcomes commercial traffic, general aviation planes, IFR and VFR. A nice place for flying towards Channel Islands.
Have you ever tried this aircraft?
Sim-Air suggests :
category: CIVILIAN JET
Eclipse Aerospace Eclipse 400
(Downloads :956)
The Eclipse 400 is a four seat, single engine very light jet, designed by Eclipse Aviation, manufacturer of the more famous Eclipse 500.   The aircraft was designed and manufactured secretly in a very short time, and unveiled for the [...]
Have you ever landed here?
Brother suggests :
close to Angoulême
1651 Aignes et Puyperoux - Montmorelien
(Downloads :310)
In the vicinity of Angoulême, a sympathetic ultralight base which is very easy to locate when flying VFR : the Chadurie radio relay-station, 100 meters high being very close.
Most downloaded aircraft...
Beber suggests :
category: AEROBATICS
Sbach 300
(Downloads :23258)
First aerobatic aircraft using up to 95% carbon material and designed by one of the best aerobatic german pilot, the Sbach 300 of the XtremeAir company is certainly the most powerful aerobatic aircraft today. Able to pass insane figures in [...]
Most downloaded scenery...
XPFR suggests :
close to Papeete (Tahiti)
NTAA Iles de la Société
(Downloads :45625)
14 islands and 9 airports. All the Society Islands are detailed with a high quality photorealistic coverage (a great work has been made on the water transparencies of lagoons) : Tahiti (NTAA), Moorea (NTTM), Bora-Bora (NTTB), Huahine [...]

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